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Situated at the west foot of Mount Tai and in the Feicheng city, the home of Big Peach which borders Taian to the east, confronts Jinnan to the north and enjoys transportation facilities, Shandong Yunyu Machinery Group Co., Ltd.(original Shandong Feicheng vehicle axle plant)was dated back to 1969 and began to manufacture drive axles for engineering machineries in 1980.As a production enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Machinery, it is specialized in manufacturing the drive axles for engineering machineries. It was reformed to private enterprise in March 2002.

The group has been manufacturing drive axles for over thirty years, mainly to provide accessories for over 100 engineering machinery and agricultural machinery vehicle plants.The main products are drive axles for ZL08-80 loaders,driver axles for 65-300 horse power tractors,6-8t wheel excavator axles and boxes, drive axles for 1.5T-7T forklift, tractor driving brakes, ZL series clamp-disc type brakes,steel rimand castings,etc.Its annual production quantities:over 80,000 drive axles in various kinds for engineering machines,40,000 tons of casting,40,000 sets of brakes,ang 20,000 sets of steel rims.Its leading products,i.e.,the drive-axle assemblies have become brand-name products inShandong.The brand of Yunyu has become famous inChina.

Up to now , there have been 1300 staffs in the group, including over 400 technicians. The group has great capacity in technology research and development and is able to develop and design the products meeting customer’s needs.

Covering an area of 520,000 square meters.in which there are 200,000 square meters of building area,the group boasts over 1000 manufacturing and processing equipments of various kinds,complete technological equipments,environmental review meets standards,ensuring the production of stable quality products.

The group consists of Shandong Yunyu Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.,Jingcheng Axle Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Yunyu Brake Co.,Ltd.and Yunyu Casting Co.,Ltd.,Yunyu Steel Rim Co.,Ltd.,etc. Adhering to the principle that “the customer’s needs are never excessive, the group takes care of customers’ interest wholeheartedly and meets the customer’s needs to the greatest extent.” We will continue to study the advanced technology at home and broad. achieve improvement in product quality and grade and create the brilliant future for the engineering machineries hand in hand with the vehicle plants.

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